Urban Group Terms & Condition

Urban Terms & Condition

1. The intending Allottee (s) has requested for allotment of Residential / Commercial unit with full knowledge about all laws notification and rules applicable and shall comply with it.

2. Preferential location charger (P.L.C) as applicable as decided by the company will be charged extra.

3. The External Development charges (E.D.C.) for the external services to be provided by Government authorities will we charged extra as laid down by the Government.

4. The applicant has accepted the plans, Designs specification which are tentative and agrees that company may effect such variation additions, alterations, deletions and modification of there in as it may its sole discretion deem appropriate and fit or may be done by any competent authority.

5. The time of payment of the installment shall be the essence of this agreement. It shall be incumbent on the intending Allottee (s) to comply with term of payment other & condition of allotment and seals. In case the installment delayed, the intending allottee (s) shall pay interest calculated from the due date of outstanding amount @21% per annum, compounded at time every succeeding installment even then if the intending allottee (s) fails to pay the installment with payment interest the company have reserved to right to cancelled registration allotment. If installment is not received as per the payment plan after 60 days company has write to cancelled the allotment & forfit the earnest amount.

6. All taxes whether levied or livable in future on the land or the Residential / Commercial unit can the case may be shall hence forth be borne by the intending allottee(s).

7. The area and measurement of Residential / Commercial can very at the time of allotment Possession of Residential / Commercial unit from the company.

8. The applicant will have to take written permission to transfer his/her registration / allotment possession subject to will be charge by the company.

9. Cheques and drafts are subject to realization. If any case cheque bonus/late payment charges 500/- per month extra will be charge the company.

10. I/We accept to become sales promoter / channel sales partners of the company and I / we will receive commission/ payout as per company’s rules and policies. The company has the sole discretionary power to terminate me / us for it sale promoter channel sales partner if any violation done me / us.

11. All the payment shall be made in favor Urban Developers by the cheque / D.D / Pay order.

12. The company can change any of the Terms & Condition as per company discretion.

13. Booking Amount is not refundable in any case.

14. If arase consumer will not paying proper EMI for regular three months. Company has rights for cancellation plot as allot new plot of same size. Transfer fees Rs 100/- per sq yards.

NOTE:-Booking Amount is not Refundable in any Case.

I/We hereby declare the I/We have clearly read and understood the contents of this allotment letter to abide by all terms and Conditions in letter and spirit I/We the above application do hereby declare that the above particular / information given me/us true and correct and nothing has been concealed there in.